Work from Anywhere

  • Work from any device anywhere in the world.
  • We can support any type of workforce (Centralized, Decentralized, Outsourced, or Hybrid).

Solutions for any sized operation

  • We support customers small and large – from 2 designers and 2 sales representatives to 500 designers and 10,000 sales representatives across five time zones.
  • We support Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Outdoor Advertising, Print Shops, Creative Agencies, and more.

Support a Mobile Salesforce while Eliminating Chasing Materials and Proof Approvals

  • A web-based portal for materials, proofs, and archives that works on any computer or mobile device.
  • We can manage deadlines across multiple time zones or even global operations.
  • We can automatically send e-mails to gather materials from Sales Representatives, Customers, and/or Agencies.
  • We can automatically send proofs to request approval or corrections from Sales Representatives, Customers, and/or Agencies.
  • We can automatically remind Sales Representatives, Customers, and/or Agencies when a deadline is approaching that they have not met.

Build complex Web/Online Ads with ease using DPS FastAdBuilder!

    • Provide existing Print-based Designers an easy way to build Web/Online Ads.
    • Give existing Web-based Designers the tools to make complex professional advertising.
    • Automate ad production from templates or design your own – build an ad in as little as five minutes.
    • Supports high-volume production with one customer building approximately 6,000 units per month with four designers.

Tight Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Platform

    • Design application automates management of content.
    • Design application can directly launch InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, or any other of the Adobe family of products.
    • Automate ad proofing and corrections via our Sales Portal.

Enterprise Class Solution for a Consolidated System

    • Multiple order entry systems
    • Multiple pagination or digital flight systems
    • We can handle conflicting/overlapping Account, Customer, Sales Rep, Product IDs, etc.

Helpful Automation that Improves Quality and Saves Time

    • We can automatically tone/color correct all images supplied so that they are ready before the designer starts.
    • We can preflight all print ads so that you know that it will output on press.
    • We can automatically size, color, and font check Press-Ready/Fully Supplied Ads so that it requires minimal to no human interaction.
    • Designers can opt to automatically cut-out/knock-out image backgrounds for certain images.

Sourcing Vendor Solutions

    • Seamless delivery of jobs to a variety of popular Outsourcing Vendors.
      • We support a mixture of all In-House, all Outsourced, or Hybrid Outsourcing.
      • We can intelligently route jobs to the right production team based on rules you define.
      • We can manage the Outsourcing Vendor and hold them accountable to production deadlines and rushes.
      • Seamless two-way communication between systems so that the Vendor is an extension of your team.
    • Accept jobs from customers where YOU are the Outsourcer/Design Agency.

Integration with a wide array of systems.

    • We integrate with 80+ Order Entry and CRM Systems.
    • We integrate with every major Pagination System.
    • We integrate with popular Preflight and Toning Systems.