Headquartered in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Database Publishing Systems (DPS) was originally established in 1983 to supply hardware and software database solutions to the industrial controls industry. In October 1989, DPS began its first entry into the publishing industry with the design and installation of an ad tracking database system. As a complement to the ad tracking database system, DPS introduced a completely scalable editorial database tracking system to its product list in 1992. All of the advertising and editorial products are based on a core set of database control and tracking modules developed and enhanced by DPS since 1989. 

Driven by customer demand, DPS entered the Cloud Hosting Business in 2011 to initially provide its software in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.  Success here eventually grew into a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) model as well in 2012.  In 2016, DPS was approached by customers in Australia/New Zealand to provide the offerings there.  With that launch, DPS entered the world of Virtualized Cloud Hostings in Microsoft Azure.  Since then, DPS has managed Cloud Hosted Systems for companies in North America, Australia/New Zealand, and India using a mixture of physical and virtual cloud platforms. 

DPS has further extended offerings outside the traditional publishing industry in the accounting, production, and fulfilment fields.  In 2019, DPS introduce DPS FastAdBuilder, a tool to rapidly create digital/online advertising and print documents.